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WeedSeeker 2 overview and weed control findings from CSIRO

On the podcast this week, we find out about the new bells and whistles of the WeedSeeker 2 and we also get an insight into the weed control findings of a CSIRO-led farming systems project in the Northern region.

CSIRO’s Lindsay Bell

McIntosh Distributions Sales Representative Scott Jameson provides a great overview of the just-released WeedSeeker 2. It’s a complete upgrade from the original WeedSeeker, with the only thing remaining from the old system being the way the sensors detect weeds.

CSIRO’s Lindsay Bell also gives us a great overview of a 5-year farming systems project he has been leading in the Northern Region. The project had DAF, GRDC and CSIRO investment.

We also mentioned on the podcast to register for our upcoming webinar with Bhagirath Chauhan and Paul McIntosh on weed biology insights to improve management of Feathertop Rhodes grass and Barnyard grass. Get all the details here.

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