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Group G tips, lucerne as a fence line weed control tool & N placement effect on weed growth

Group G tips, lucerne as a fence line weed control tool & N placement effect on weed growth

On this edition of the podcast, we look at at mixing partners for Group Gs, UAN (urea and ammonium nitrate) placement effect on weed growth, and fence line weed control by planting lucerne.

WeedSmart Southern Extension Agronomist, Chris Davey has great practical tips on Group Gs today.

AHRI’s Dr Mike Ashworth covers the GRDC invested research he’s been leading in the Agronomy space, with some practical information on post-emergent UAN placement recommendations.

And finally, the problem of fence line weeds isn’t going away, so in the spirit of the WeedSmart Big 6, our Northern Extension Agronomist Paul McIntosh has a novel solution to plant lucerne to compete with weeds in non-cropped areas.

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New content

Our next Regional Update will come out next Monday and we’ll be hearing Nutrien Agronomist James Challis from the Southern Region.

If you haven’t listened to our latest update yet, we caught up with Tim Bartimote from NSW Local Land Services who talked about a GRDC invested projected on chaff decks.

Ask an Expert

This month Mark Congreve joins us to answer the questions “What impact does dry seeding have on pre-emergent herbicide efficacy?” Check it out here.

WeedSmart Review

In this edition we look at research from scientists from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Western Australia. They’ve recently published the results from long-term studies measuring the impact of ameliorating soil acidity on the growth of annual ryegrass in wheat.

The key finding was that applying and incorporating lime is the best way to increase the pH of acidic soils, but it usually takes several years before a surface lime application has a measurable effect on soil pH at depth.

Incorporation is the best way to speed up the process and also releases other soil nutrients to boost crop growth. I’ll link this article in the podcast notes!

Check it out here.

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