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S08E23 Wrapping up the 2023 season with a look at weed control across the country

Together in this podcast, Northern Extension Agronomist Paul McIntosh, Southern Extension Agronomists Greg Condon and Chris Davey, and Western Extension Agronomist Peter Newman take us through the year that was in their various parts of the country.

They talk about the season itself, how harvest has panned out, and of course the weed control tactics that have proved most beneficial in 2023.

Webinar recording: Biological control of grains weeds – development of novel tools and approaches for integration
Discover the pioneering work of CSIRO researchers Dr Ben Gooden and Dr Michelle Rafter on using biocontrol agents to control crop weeds. They will discuss their work conducting exploratory surveys of biocontrol agents and host-testing with pathogens and insects.

1. Testing optical sprayer technology return on investment: Machinery prices have sky-rocketed in recent years, leaving many growers wondering whether new technologies, like optical spot sprayers, can pay their way. Peter Newman, Planfarm farm business consultant and WeedSmart western extension agronomist, has run some figures for his clients to help them with boomspray purchase decisions, and found that the benefits often outweigh the upfront cost of weed detection technology.

2. Measuring the value of weed control expenses: Weed control is expensive, and it is often hard to measure the return on your investment. WeedSmart’s southern extension agronomist, Chris Davey, is determined to show that his advice to growers will put money back in their pockets through improved crop yield and fewer weeds to control in future seasons.

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