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2019 Top 5 WeedSmart experts, bulletins and podcasts

This year we have collected the topics that you, our audience, found the most interesting – based on how many people browsed, downloaded or listened to material on the website. Here are the results!

Starting with our expert columns where we ask industry leaders for their take on big decisions facing weed managers.

1. WeedSmart Expert

2. WeedSmart Expert

3. WeedSmart Expert

4. WeedSmart Expert

5. WeedSmart Expert

Next we will count down the top 5 articles on the bulletin board.

1. WeedSmart Bulletin

2. WeedSmart Bulletin

3. WeedSmart Bulletin

4. WeedSmart Bulletin

5. WeedSmart Bulletin

Last but far from least, here are the top three podcasts!

1. WeedSmart Podcast

2. WeedSmart Podcast

3. WeedSmart Podcast

The WeedSmart team looks forward to bringing you more great ideas from growers, agronomists and researchers across Australia to help manage weeds.

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