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Damien Sommerville, SA

Always think about your impact on weeds

Damien Sommerville from Spalding, South Australia, makes sure to consider the impact on weeds in every decision he makes.

Damien has a long association with the land. He has been involved with Sommerville Partners for nearly two decades and has seen a lot of different things in his time. His recommendation to growers is:

Think about the impact on weeds with each and every decision you make, all year round.

Damien is determined to help people in his area and further afield to understand the issue of herbicide resistance.

“The issue affects growers everywhere. It’s obviously more high profile in the west but southern growers need to be aware and managing the issue whenever they can,” Sommerville said.

“Growers have to use as many options as they can to prevent weeds setting seed. They can’t afford to lose one year in the battle as things spiral out of control quickly.”

“There really is no one answer. What can work, if your conditions are right, is the use of lupins and or hay in your crop rotations. Using varied rotations each year is a great step towards managing weeds and resistance.”

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