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Horticulture focus at WeedSmart Week 2022

Herbicide resistance is a key concern for horticultural producers in the Victorian Mallee.

With new data on resistance now available and a diverse range of options to tackle weeds, growers can arm themselves with knowledge to create a weed control plan that fits their farming system.

WeedSmart is the industry voice that delivers science-backed weed control solutions to Australian grain growers and advisors. The proximity of broadacre and horticultural farms in the Mildura region presented an excellent opportunity for cross-industry collaboration.

As part of the WeedSmart Week event in Mildura this year, organisers have included a standalone horticulture-focused event on Thursday, 1 September to provide industry cross-over information on weed control in and around sensitive areas.

The horticulture-focused event will include visits to two orchards, with presentations on current herbicide resistance status, spray technology, how to calibrate machinery to get the most effective spray job, fleabane biocontrol options and alternatives to glyphosate. The day will include a networking lunch, with presentations and discussion.

The latest information on herbicide resistance in the region, gathered through the Area Wide Weed Management Project, will be shared by project leader, Rick Llewellyn.

WeedSmart’s program leader, Jessica Strauss said that adopting an area-wide approach to weed management will benefit all industries and land managers.

“We know that stacking both herbicide and non-herbicide weed control tools into a long-term strategy is the best way to reduce weed seed set and minimise the risk of herbicide resistance,” said Ms Strauss. “In diverse landscapes it is also necessary to factor in tactics that minimise the spread of problematic weeds. The strategies used in one industry can have a powerful effect on another industry within the region, either positive or negative.”

Low weed seed banks underpin all profitable farming enterprises. Keeping weed numbers low and quickly regaining control of blow-outs is the sole purpose of the WeedSmart program.

The horticultural-focused event within the 2022 WeedSmart Week program is free to attend, with financial support from horticultural industry bodies.

Register for 1-day horticulture-focus event 1 September (free).

Register for 3-day broadacre (including horticultural option) event 30 August to 1 September (costs apply). 

The horticulture-focused event within the 2022 WeedSmart Week program at Mildura will include visits to two horticultural operations, with presentations on spray technology, fleabane biocontrol options and alternatives to glyphosate.

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