Webinar: Pre-ems provide punch to prevent weeds

Join us for our next two-part series April 24 and 26, as AHRI’s Peter Newman chats with experts to deliver the latest on-farm strategies to help you set your crops up for success in 2018.

From wherever you are – in the paddock, ute, tractor, office – you can stream this webinar series to your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Hear from ICAN’s Mark Congreve and Uni of Adelaide’s Chris Preston who answers the Qs – how to choose and apply the correct pre-em to maximize crop yield.  Specific scenarios provided for the north and the south.  Listen to both or just tune into the webinar relevant to you.

Webinar 1:  Use Pre-ems to maximise winter crops in the North

Feat:  Mark Congreve, ICAN Rural
Tuesday 24th April 2018
10:30 – 11.30 am, AWST, 12.30 – 13.30 pm AEST

Why do things go wrong with pre-ems?  Herbicide choice and farming system are factors to consider, with crop safety being top of mind.  Mark takes us through the strategies to maximise pre-em performance particularly in relation to controlling ryegrass, wild oats, fleabane and sowthistle in the north and discusses how pre-ems breakdown and the implications on plantbacks and rotational crops.

Scenarios in the northern region that lead to herbicide failure will be discussed as well as strategies to mitigate risk.

Webinar 2:   Use Pre-ems to maximise winter crops in the South
Feat:  Chris Preston, University of Adelaide
Thursday 26th April, 2018
10:30 – 11.30 am, AWST, 12.30 – 13.30 pm AEST

Hitting weeds before the crop phase provides many more shots at the weeds.  Chris explains how to give your crop the best start and diminish the weed seedbank with pre-emergent herbicides.

Chris delves into the behaviour of pre-emergent herbicides and what pre-emergents to use when sowing your crop dry in the south? What are the characteristics of the products and how should these influence use patterns? How to manage pre-emergent herbicides in different soil types? Why don’t pre-emergent herbicides work as well on brome grass as they do on annual ryegrass? What is the current status of resistance to pre-emergent herbicides and how should this influence the way they are used?

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  • Use of Pre-ems in the South with Chris Preston

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P.S. For more information about these webinars please contact Lisa Mayer at lisa.mayer@uwa.edu.au or phone 0414 841 862. For more info on weed management visit our website.

WeedSmart is an industry-led initiative aimed at enhancing on-farm practices and promoting the long term sustainability of herbicide use in Australian agriculture. Australian research partners, commercial entities, Government, advisers and growers have joined forces to ensure weed management remain at the forefront of global farming practise. Viable herbicide use will help secure the weed control productivity gains made by the current generation of Australian farmers.

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