WeedSmart Week Mildura

Event Dates

Date/Time: 30th August 2022 to 1st September 2022
Time: 12:00:00 AM to 12:00:00 AM
Location: Mildura, Victoria
Event is past due


WeedSmart Week brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience from local and interstate growers, agronomists, and technology experts – putting the spotlight on herbicide resistance and weed control.

This year, we held our annual flagship event in Mildura, VIC from the 30th of August to the 1st of September 2022. WeedSmart Week is designed to engage growers and advisors on the WeedSmart Big 6 messages.

The 3-day program consisted of a Forum day at the Mildura Arts Centre and farm visits in the Mallee region to see how forward-thinking growers are implementing the WeedSmart Big 6 tactics to minimise the impact of herbicide resistance on their businesses.

Ben White, Kondinin Group’s research manager, hosted the very popular technology and machinery field demonstration, where attendees had the opportunity to see and discuss cutting-edge innovations such as the latest sprayer and weed detection technology, and a range of harvest weed seed control implements.

WeedSmart Week offers a unique opportunity for growers and industry stakeholders to hear first-hand about innovative and practical weed solutions.


Video recordings

The recordings of the forum presentations are available in the playlist above. The order of the recordings is as follows:

  1. Applying all the Big 6 in the Mallee – Jana Dixon and Andrew McMagen (Chairs) with Scott Anderson and Mark Kentish
  2. Resistance status update for the Victorian Mallee – Going forward with IMI’s – Dr Peter Boutsalis
  3. Managing a chemical budget over a large area – Daniel Linklater
  4. Opportunity to preserve chemistry – Brad Bennett
  5. Crop competition and crop rotation in the Mallee – Chris Davey
  6. Controlling broadleaf weeds in pulses – Jason Brand
  7. Understanding droplet behaviour for improved summer weed control – Andre Sabeeney and David Keetch
  8. Spray application panel – Greg Condon (Chair) with Gavin Howley, Broden Holland and Brett South
  9. Tackling weeds and resistance – Rick Llewellyn and Michael Moodie
  10. Stopping weed seed set on farm – Bec Marshall
  11. Spray technology panel – Ben White (Chair) with Mick Pole, Broden Holland and Scott Gladman
  12. Everything, plus the kitchen sink – Wade Nickolls
  13. Harvest weed seed control panel – Peter Newman (Chair) with Mich McClelland, Tim Paschke, Lance Turner and Robert Pocock
  14. Linking all the Big 6 tools to complement herbicides – Greg Condon and Peter Newman



Download the full program.

Event Dates

Date/Time: 30th August 2022 to 1st September 2022
Time: 12:00:00 AM to 12:00:00 AM
Location: Mildura, Victoria