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Event • Mildura, Victoria
30th August 2022 12:00:00 AM -
1st September 2022 12:00:00 AM

WeedSmart Week Mildura


Past Events


Webinar: Metolachlor usage in the northern region

S-Metolachlor herbicides have been used in Australian summer crop paddocks for nearly 40 years to control problematic grass weeds. However, an increase in usage and overreliance on the product are raising concerns of potential developing resistance.
In this WeedSmart webinar, we will talk to WeedSmart northern extension agronomist Paul McIntosh and Syngenta Field Biology Manager Rob Battaglia about how this old herbicide works, its efficacy, and what potential resistance problems might be just around the corner. They will explain what tactics growers should adopt to reduce potential resistance problems on this key grass weed herbicide, referring to the WeedSmart Big 6.
Friday 26th of November
08:30am AWST / 10:30 AEST
Did you miss the webinar? Watch the recording here.


Webinar: Can intercropping help with weed management?


This WeedSmart webinar on intercropping will outline the principles of mixing different crops together and how this can potentially provide weed management options for growers. Diverse rotations are a key aspect of the Big 6 and intercropping, despite its challenges, can provide opportunities for improving soils, weeds and risk management.
Dr Andrew Fletcher is a farming systems scientist at CSIRO who is passionate about the emerging role of diverse cropping systems. He will present along with WeedSmart Southern extension agronomist Greg Condon.
Friday 29th of October 2021
11:00 am AWST / 2:00PM AEDT
Did you miss the webinar? Watch the recording here.


Webinar: Mixed farming – does it really help control resistant weeds?

This WeedSmart webinar will focus on the role mixed farming can play in managing weeds. Mixed farming can create opportunities to manage glyphosate-resistant ryegrass, amongst other weeds.
WeedSmart southern extension agronomist Greg Condon will look at the mixed farming system and explain how the Big 6 principles encourage diverse weed management. Greg will focus on solutions in the medium rainfall zone whilst grower and agronomist Craig Drum will focus on the high rainfall zone.
Friday 8th of October 2021
11:00 am WST / 2:00 pm EST
Did you miss the webinar? Watch the recording here.


Webinar: Ryegrass management in the High Rainfall Zone – What have we learnt?

Join us to hear how the WeedSmart’s Big 6 strategies are best utilised to combat annual ryegrass in the High Rainfall Zone of South Eastern Australia.
Presented by University of Adelaide’s Dr Chris Preston, followed by a Q&A with James Manson, Southern Farming Systems.
Friday 2nd of July 2021
11:00am WST / 1:00pm AEST
If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording here.


Webinar: Considerations for pre-emergent herbicides with dry sowing

Given the dry start to the season in some regions, the question of how to optimise weed control and minimise crop effect when using pre-ems is pertinent.
In this webinar, we’ll be looking at what factors influence the residual control of weeds by the pre-emergent with a focus on Trifluralin, Sakura and two new-to-market herbicides.
Join Chris Davey, YPAG & WeedSmart Extension Agronomist and Mark Congreve, ICAN Senior Agronomist as they assess the sowing issues in SA and discuss strategies on using pre-emergents.
Factors covered include

Soil type/texture
Rainfall forecast (after application)
Characteristics of the herbicide
Characteristics of the crop
Sowing time (tine vs disc) – sowing depth, speed, soil throw, stubble
Resistance status


How do I make the right decision on using Group Gs?

Choosing and applying the right pre-emergent herbicide can be difficult. Join Dr Chris Preston, University of Adelaide (UA) professor weed management and WeedSmart’s Greg Condon as they explain the new Group G chemistry and de-mystify which Group G works best for winter cropping systems.
If you also question what temperature range provides optimum herbicide efficacy, Chris has some answers to share with you on this webinar.


WeedSmart Week Esperance

This year, our annual flagship event was held in Esperance, WA from the 17th to the 19th of August 2021. WeedSmart Week is designed to engage growers and advisors on WeedSmart’s Big 6 messages.
The 3-day program consisted of a Forum day at the Esperance Civic Centre with day 2 and 3 consisting of farm visits in the Esperance region to see how forward-thinking growers are implementing the WeedSmart Big 6 tactics to minimise the impact of herbicide resistance on their businesses.
This year, Ben White, Kondinin Group’s research manager, hosted the very popular technology and machinery field demo, where attendees had the opportunity to see and discuss cutting-edge innovations such as the latest sprayer and weed detection technology and a range of harvest weed seed control implements.
WeedSmart Week offers a unique opportunity for growers and other industry stakeholders to hear first-hand about innovative and practical weed solutions.


WeedSmart Week Clare

This year WeedSmart Week was held in the Clare region from the 1st to the 3rd of September 2020. WeedSmart Week is designed to engage growers and advisors on WeedSmart’s Big 6 messages.
We’ll be updating this page with video recordings and other snippets from the event soon.
The 3-day program consisted of a Forum day and two farm visit days in the Lower and Mid North to Northern Yorke Peninsula region to see how forward-thinking growers are implementing the WeedSmart Big 6 tactics.
This annual event offers a unique opportunity for growers and other industry stakeholders to hear first-hand about innovative and practical weed solutions.
This event is being run with the help of Pinion Advisory, YP AG and the Hart Field Site Group with investment from GRDC and the other WeedSmart Financial Partners.
WeedSmart Week is a set-price of $165 (GST Inclusive) per person and this registration allows you to attend all three days, with lunch included. The price remains the same whether you attend one day or three days.

WeedSmart is committed to the health, safety and well-being of everyone working in, and in support of, the Australian grains industry. WeedSmart Week may be postponed in response to the current coronavirus outbreak, and in accordance with Australian Government advice in relation to social distancing. Please contact the event organiser for additional event information.


WeedSmart Week Horsham

Thank you to everyone who made WeedSmart Week in Horsham a great success, including presenters, stakeholders, organisers and of course the attendees. This page hosts the video presentations, a photo gallery, the podcast and other details about the Horsham event.

Forum Day Presentations


WeedSmart Week Emerald

Thank you to everyone who made WeedSmart Week in Emerald such a valuable event. From the forum day presentations to the farm visits and machinery day, everything was fantastic. You can catch up on the forum day presentations below and look through some of the pictures taken during the event. We’ll also be updating this page with further video and a podcast, so come back soon to get up-to-date.
Forum day presentations
If you couldn’t attend the forum day or want to review the presentations again, you can watch them in full below in our playlist.

Join your co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman to recap Emerald WeedSmart Week, which took place in Central Queensland on August 13-15. Jessica was on the ground at the event and spoke to attendees and presenters about their farming systems, what they saw and what they were inspired by and would potentially adapt to their farming system. Thank you so much to everyone who made Emerald WeedSmart Week such a great success.
This podcast provides a snapshot of the event in four interview packages:

SwarmFarm’s Andrew and Jocie Bate
Hannah Murphy (Radicle Seeds), Evan Shannon (agronomist at Farmacist), Simon Green (farmer)
Rhys Daniels (farmer, Theresa Downs), Sam Bradford (farmer, Arcturus Downs), Matt Anning (farm manager at Cedar Park, owned by Colorada Cotton), Don Sampson (farmer)
GRDC Weeds Manager, Jason Emms


WeedSmart Week Narrabri

WeedSmart Week in Narrabri took place on August 20th, 2018

Our theme for 2018 was “Diversify and Conquer – manage weeds using the BIG 6”.Growers and agronomists delivered key messages on using diversity to control weeds at the forum day at Locharba Station, Narrabri. Farm visits followed on the next day, where attendees had the opportunity to talk directly to growers and farm managers about their farming systems. Thank you to everyone who made the event a great success!
You can learn more about the event in the brochure here.
If you couldn’t attend WeedSmart Week, we have a playlist of all the presentations below.
We also summarised the event in a podcast which you can listen to below.


WeedSmart Week in Wagga Wagga

Thank-you to all the farmers and advisors who attended WeedSmart Week in Wagga Wagga!
The week was a great success, with lots of engagement and networking.
If you’d like to have a look at the farms we visited, you can check out the locations here.
If you missed the event but would like to have a look at the presentations from the forum, you can check them out below. Check out the podcasts too, as we’ve included interviews from the farm visits.

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