Setting crops up for success with Dr Chris Preston

Choosing and applying the right pre-emergent herbicide
Choosing and applying the right pre-emergent herbicide can be difficult, particularly if herbicide resistance is becoming a challenge in a no-till system. Dr Chris Preston, University of Adelaide (UA) explains the chemistry of pre-emergent herbicides, how they work and what’s best for your operation.
You can watch the webinar below for more information.

Given the significant up-front cost of buying good quality seed, it’s tempting to cut back on seeding rates to minimise costs.
Lead scientist and director of the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation at Charles Sturt University, Professor Deirdre Lemerle takes the opposite view.
She’s calling on growers to consider using high seeding rates and competitive cultivars to suppress weeds and achieve savings through reduced herbicide costs, more reliable herbicide performance and resistance management.


Win the war against weeds: grazing chaff dumps

Grazing chaff dumps over burning
Andrew Boultbee is a grower from York in Western Australia and presents his thoughts on grazing chaff dumps over burning in this webinar.
Andrew explains to host AHRI’s Peter Newman that instead of burning the chaff heaps, he grazes them during summer.
The sheep flatten the chaff heaps to a tiny pile and help to redistribute some of the nutrients in these heaps back out to the paddock.

Diverting weed seeds onto permanent tramlines
Peter Newman and Esperance grower Mark Wandel discuss the latest practice of diverting weed seeds onto permanent tramlines.
As an add-on benefit to a controlled traffic system, diverting chaff from the harvester into compacted wheel tracks or tramlines gives harvested weed seeds a tough environment to grow and spread.
You can watch the webinar in full below.

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