Handling weeds in a strip and disc system

Hear from Dr Michael Walsh, Sydney University and Greg Condon, WeedSmart on dealing with weed challenges in strip and disc systems.
Growers are using a wide range of cultural tools with herbicides to successfully farm in high residue cropping programs.


SA farmers share how the Big 6 fits in their farming systems & why any amount of HWSC matters

We also hear about some new research into bromegrass. The latest research supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation shows that any amount of harvest weed seed control is better than none.
Dr Catherine Borger
WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development research officer Catherine Borger joins us on the podcast to tell us more.
Also, if you’d like to check out the Weed Seed Wizard decision tool, you can do so here.
Podcast Producer: Jessica Strauss
Podcast Hosts: Jessica Strauss, Peter Newman


Regional Update with Rob Long, Moree, NSW

Rob provides an overview of the regional conditions and what to look out for this time of year, with a focus on weeds. He says collecting weeds for resistance testing is really critical.


Herbicide tolerant pulses provide promise for future

Today on the podcast we talk about potential new herbicide tolerant pulse varieties and we also get a summary of how WeedSmart Week in Clare went.

Agriculture Victoria’s Dr Garry Rosewarne is our first guest. He joins us to talk about the research he’s been leading in looking at herbicide tolerances in pulses. As many growers are aware, pulses have limited in-crop herbicide options. However, with the development of breeding techniques involving mutagenesis, pulse germplasm has been developed with herbicide tolerances.
Our newly appointed WeedSmart Extension Agronomist for South Australia & Victoria, YP AG’s Chris Davey also joins us today as our second guest. He tells us about how WeedSmart Week in Clare faired.
As discussed on the podcast, if you’d like to register for our latest webinar on strip and disc systems, you can do so here.
Hosts: Jessica Strauss & Peter Newman
Podcast producer: Jessica Strauss


Regional with Dylan Hirsch, Latham, WA

Today we’re catching up with WA farmer, Dylan Hirsch, for the regional update. Dylan is a self-professed farming and science geek and he was a 2018 Nuffield Scholar recipient.
Dylan farms in Latham, which is in the mid-west of WA.
You can follow him on Twitter here.


Testing all of your herbicides for resistance with Roberto Busi

Dr Roberto Busi
Roberto discusses what the current levels of resistance to knock-down herbicides (glyphosate and paraquat) are, resistance to new and old pre-emergent herbicides and resistance to clethodim.
The results are discussed with Peter Newman by analysing the pros and cons of herbicide resistance testing and the value of herbicide efficacy and resistance testing with new herbicides coming into the Australian market from 2021.


What the lifting of SA’s GM moratorium means for growers

After a short break, we’re back! Today we’re catching up with Business Development Manager West at Bayer, Hugh Trenorden (pictured above) about the lifting of the GM moratorium in South Australia and what that means for growers.

WeedSmart Week in Clare is also next week! You can still get tickets up until midnight tonight. You can find out more about the event and get your tickets here.
In light of this, we’re catching up with Herbicide Resistance Weed Specialist at University of Adelaide and Director of Plant Science Consulting, Dr Peter Boutsalis to get a preview on what he’ll be presenting on the forum day.
We also talked about our upcoming webinars on the podcast.
Our next webinar is this Friday with Dr Roberto Busi. He’ll be presenting with Peter Newman on testing all herbicides used on-farm for herbicide resistance. You can find out more and register here.
Hosts: Jessica Strauss & Peter Newman
Producer: Jessica Strauss

Fact Sheet

Wild radish management and strategies to address herbicide resistance

Wild radish (Raphanus raphanistrum) is one of the most widespread and competitive broadleaf weeds of Australian cereal-growing regions. Increasing resistance to multiple herbicide modes of action is forcing growers to adopt diverse and integrated weed-control strategies to deal with this weed.


Regional Update – Ben Wundersitz, Central Yorke Peninsula, SA

After a short break, the Regional Update is back!
On this episode, we’re catching up with Ben Wundersitz who farms on the Yorke peninsula at Anna Binna. Ben gives us an overview of the seasonal conditions he’s been experiencing in his region as well as a teaser as to what he’ll be sharing in his presentation at WeedSmart Week in Clare next week.
Anna Binna is spread across 6,000 hectares, from Port Victoria to Price and employs five full-time staff.
Anna Binna is run as a lean operation and Ben has been an early adopter of precision guidance systems which means plant and equipment can be operated 24 hours a day when necessary.
Twitter: @AnnaBinnaFarm
Tickets to WeedSmart Week are on sale until Wednesday, August 26. Get your tickets here.


WeedSmart Week Preview for Clare, SA!

Today on the podcast we have a special preview of WeedSmart Week in Clare.
As you might have already seen, WeedSmart Week is going ahead and tickets are now on sale!
In this podcast, we’re going to be hearing from YP AG Agronomist, Chris Davey who has helped put the event together and will also be presenting on our Forum Day.
We’ll also be hearing from grower Jarred Tilley. Jarred will be hosting a farm visit at his property for WeedSmart Week Clare.
Finally, we hear from one of last year’s attendees and farm visit hosts, Sam Eagle.


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Glyphosate Resistance Update with Peter Boutsalis

Dr Peter Boutsalis from the University of Adelaide joins this webinar to discuss tips to optimise the efficacy of glyphosate and when and when not to use the double knock strategy.
Peter also shares the latest results from the GRDC-funded random weeds survey in the Eyre Peninsula and southern Victoria and how the resistance levels in these areas have changed over the last 5 years.


You don’t know what you don’t know about managing weeds

Agronomists play a key role in the northern region, not only in identifying and tackling crop weeds but also in protecting chemistries. In the face of this challenge, utilising the WeedSmart Big 6 tools is showing results in tackling problem weeds.
Join Crop Consultants Australia’s Director Ben Dawson, as he hosts Dr. Chris Preston and Paul McIntosh from WeedSmart and they discuss the role that agronomists can play in breaking this cycle.

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