Free online courses from WeedSmart to help you win the battles against herbicide resistant weeds.

We recognise that the herbicide-only era is over. This is WeedSmart’s Diversity Era.

WeedSmart has developed a free online learning platform to help growers, agronomists and the wider industry win the battle against herbicide resistant weeds.

We now have four online courses. In just a few short hours, you can understand how herbicide resistance works, learn how to incorporate harvest weed seed control into your farming system, discover the in’s and out’s of pre-emergent herbicides and learn how you can use your crop to out-compete weeds.


Herbicide Resistance 101

Want to understand herbicide resistance in 30 days? Let us help you! | taught by Stephen Powles

Harvest Weed Seed Control 101

Using diverse non-chemical weed control tactics | taught by Mike Walsh and Peter Newman

Pre-Emergent Herbicides 101

Pre-emergent herbicides made simple | taught by Chris Preston and Mark Congreve

Crop Competition 101

Crop competition is one of the WeedSmart Big 6 and it is a really important tool.

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