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Listen to the WeedSmart podcasts with your expert co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman.

Listen to the WeedSmart podcasts with your expert co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman.


WeedSeeker 2 overview and weed control findings from CSIRO

On the podcast this week, we find out about the new bells and whistles of the WeedSeeker 2 and we also get an insight into the weed control findings of a CSIRO-led farming systems project in the Northern region.
CSIRO’s Lindsay Bell
McIntosh Distributions Sales Representative Scott Jameson provides a great overview of the just-released WeedSeeker 2. It’s a complete upgrade from the original WeedSeeker, with the only thing remaining from the old system being the way the sensors detect weeds.
CSIRO’s Lindsay Bell also gives us a great overview of a 5-year farming systems project he has been leading in the Northern Region. The project had DAF, GRDC and CSIRO investment.
We also mentioned on the podcast to register for our upcoming webinar with Bhagirath Chauhan and Paul McIntosh on weed biology insights to improve management of Feathertop Rhodes grass and Barnyard grass. Get all the details here.


Stripper front and chaff deck system explainer and grain storage tips

On the podcast today, you’re joined by co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman to find out some practical tips on grain storage and delve into the details of a stripper front and chaff deck system.
Grower Jamie Phillis (pictured above) from Ungarra, in the Lower Eyre Peninsula, South Australia joins us on the podcast to tell us about his farming system and approach to harvest. He’s running a Shelbourne stripper front for cereals and a draper front for other crops and he’s using a chaff deck in combination with both of these fronts.
An example of Jamie Phillis’ chaff deck in action.
We also catch up with grain storage specialist, Phillip Burrell to get some practical tips on getting grain storage right. You can follow up on some of Phillip’s tips by checking out the stored grain website here.


Setting up your harvester for HWSC and practical resistance testing tips

As you’re probably already aware, here at WeedSmart we’re big advocates of harvest weed seed control. However, getting this right starts with good harvester set-up. In this podcast, we catch up with one of our WeedSmart advocate farmers, Warwick Holding, about setting up your harvester correctly, with a focus on chaff decks.
Warwick Holding presenting on his farm at Wagga WeedSmart Week 2017
We also chat with Dr Peter Boutsalis from Plant Science Consulting. He gives us a rundown on how to collect weed seeds correctly for herbicide resistance testing. Check out the pictures below of weed seeds ready for collection.
Your co-hosts this week are Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman.
As mentioned above, we’ve included some examples of weed seeds so you know what they should look like when they’re ready to be picked for herbicide resistance testing. Peter Boutsalis has kindly provided photos and our Communications Officer Shannen Barrett has put some graphics together so it’s easy to follow. See below.

Barley grass


Wild oats

Wild radish and ryegrass

You can check out more information on resistance testing by reading our Bulletin post ‘Testing for herbicide susceptibility and resistance’ here.


New herbicide resistance test and getting crop topping right

It’s that time of year where crop topping is on the agenda. In this podcast, we catch up with WeedSmart Southern Extension Agronomist, Greg Condon about crop topping pulses and also canola and the value you can get out of it. We’ll also be talking about double knocking spray fallow and late-season weed identification. You can visit the Pulse Australia website for more information on crop topping here.
Greg Condon, Grassroots Agronomy and Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) southern extension agronomist, advocates crop-topping plus harvest weed seed control as an effective way to drive down annual ryegrass and wild radish numbers.
We’ll also speak with AHRI researcher Roberto Busi. He’s found cross-resistance between a few of our key pre-emergent herbicides. Roberto gives us an overview of the work he’s been doing in this space. We also find out more about the new herbicide resistance testing service being offered through UWA is coordinating.
You can follow Roberto Busi on Twitter here and follow the UWA Herbicide Resistance Testing service here.
Wild radish populations tested with three different modes of action to identify multiple herbicide resistance. Photo: Roberto Busi
Join your co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman and take a listen now.


Redekop weed seed impact mill and hay market overview

In the podcast this week we chat with Redekop’s Trevor Thiessen about their weed seed impact mill (featured in the Redekop video below), the Seed Control Unit, or SCU. Redekop Manufacturing is based in Canada and sells a range of crop residue management tools. You can also read more about Redekop here.

We also hear from Tim Ford (pictured at the top) from Feed Central. This Queensland-based company provides a buying and selling platform for hay. Tim explains how the hay market has evolved over time and some of the challenges faced today.
Redekop Manufacturing’s president, Trevor Thiessen.
Join your co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman and find out more!


New chemistry derived from the Aussie bottlebrush; BASF new actives and Tecfarm mills

The theme of the podcast this week is new tools! We talk about new weed seed impact mills out of Tecfarm and also look at some new chemistry on the horizon for agriculture.
Syngenta will soon be releasing a new pre-emergent herbicide called Callisto for Australian cereal growers. It has some surprisingly Australian roots, with its active ingredient stemming from the Australian bottle brush. Syngenta’s Ben Parkin joins us to talk about this.
BASF is also releasing several new actives. BASF Crop Solutions WA Senior Area Sales Manager Murray McCartney talks to us about Luximax, which will be available next year. We also learn about BASF’s new group H post em, Frequency and also Voraxor, which will be available in 2021.

Tecfarm Director Tom Lewis talks us through the journey so far for Tecfarm in developing and testing their weed seed impact mill too.
Tecfarm’s Matt Barrett-Lennard, Neil Brandon, Tom Lewis
We also have a survey at the moment on HWSC that will only take you a minute to complete. You can complete it here.
You can also access the HWSC model Peter Newman talks about in this podcast here.


‘Mind-boggling’ array of machinery on display at Horsham WeedSmart Week

This week we have an array of interviews from the ground at Horsham WeedSmart Week. Join your hosts, Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman, as they take you to the event via the podcast.

There are a few interview packages in this podcast, so here’s a guide in case you want to refer back to them:

Tim Rethus, Farmer and BCG member
Jana Dixon (Rural Directions Agronomist), Guillaume Jourdain (Bilberry CEO)
Adam Cooke, Greg Swades, Richard King, Ross Berryman (mainly harvester Workshop focused
Kyle (pictured above with wife Tegan and baby Ted), Ian Taylor, Billy Peddler, Dominic Garden (Farmer experiences for the whole event)

Without the support of our stakeholders and our co-organiser BCG, this event would not have been possible, so thank you very much for their support. You can learn more about BCG here and our stakeholders here.
We’ll be hosting WeedSmart Week 2020 in South Australia. Make sure you’re following us on social media and signed up to our blog to be the first to hear more about it. If you’d like to register your interest now, you can do so by clicking here.
To view the presentations and photo gallery from our Horsham event, click here.


Robotics, 70 ft blade plough and weed chipper on display at Emerald WeedSmart Week

Join your co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman to recap Emerald WeedSmart Week, which took place in Central Queensland on August 13-15.

Jessica was on the ground at the event and spoke to attendees and presenters about their farming systems, what they saw and what they were inspired by and would potentially adapt to their farming system.
Andrew and Jocie Bate from SwarmFarm
This podcast provides a snapshot of the event in four interview packages:

SwarmFarm’s Andrew and Jocie Bate
Hannah Murphy (Radicle Seeds), Evan Shannon (agronomist at Farmacist), Simon Green (farmer)
Rhys Daniels (farmer, Theresa Downs), Sam Bradford (farmer, Arcturus Downs), Matt Anning (farm manager at Cedar Park, owned by Colorada Cotton), Don Sampson (farmer)
GRDC Weeds Manager, Jason Emms

Thank you so much to everyone who made Emerald WeedSmart Week such a great success. If you liked what you heard, this year we have two WeedSmart Week events and there’s still time to attend our Horsham event which is kicking off on Tuesday, August 27. Get your tickets here.
Jordyn, Simon Green, Matt Anning
Farmacist agronomist, Evan Shannon
Brad Jackson and Hannah Murphy


Ray Harrington reckons farmers are calling the shots + paired row sowing with Jack Desbiolles

Australian farming treasure Ray Harrington joins us on the podcast to share his success with getting on top of weeds in his farming system. He reckons that instead of the weeds calling the shots, he’s calling the shots!

WeedSmart Week in Horsham is at the end of this month too. We catch up with a local farmer, Sam Eagle (check out a short video with Sam below), to find out about his innovative approach to stock containment in his mixed farming system. He’s going to be presenting at the event and we’ll also be visiting his property.
Furthermore, we catch up with Dr Jack Desbiolles, who is a senior agricultural research engineer at the University of South Australia. He’s recently been featured on our Bulletin Board talking about his work in paired row sowing. He’s undertaken extensive trials investigating the benefits of increasing the space between seeds in the seedbed.
Dr Jack Desbiolles says when it comes to paired-row seeding systems, the technology can be categorised into either split or integrated designs.
Paired-row sowing is one of the ways to effectively achieve this and can deliver both increased yield and useful suppression of weeds. Jack gives an extensive overview of the benefits and how to adopt it.
You can read the article here, but first…

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