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Glyphosate Resistance Update with Peter Boutsalis

Dr Peter Boutsalis from the University of Adelaide joins this webinar to discuss tips to optimise the efficacy of glyphosate and when and when not to use the double knock strategy.
Peter also shares the latest results from the GRDC-funded random weeds survey in the Eyre Peninsula and southern Victoria and how the resistance levels in these areas have changed over the last 5 years.


You don’t know what you don’t know about managing weeds

Agronomists play a key role in the northern region, not only in identifying and tackling crop weeds but also in protecting chemistries. In the face of this challenge, utilising the WeedSmart Big 6 tools is showing results in tackling problem weeds.
Join Crop Consultants Australia’s Director Ben Dawson, as he hosts Dr. Chris Preston and Paul McIntosh from WeedSmart and they discuss the role that agronomists can play in breaking this cycle.


New chemistry – what’s new, what’s coming & how to keep them for longer

There is a range of new pre and post-emergent herbicides coming to the market in the coming seasons which will broaden weed control options and use patterns.
As new chemistry becomes available it is crucial for all involved to protect the longevity of any new products and minimise the risk of resistance.
In this webinar, WeedSmart’s Southern Extension Agronomist Greg Condon will explore the opportunities these new herbicides provide growers and how we can protect these herbicides using the WeedSmart Big 6.


Know thy enemy – biology of our most problematic crop weeds with Dr Catherine Borger

These weeds cost growers $22.5 and $1.7 million per year, respectively. Understanding the ecology of these species is vital to developing a successful weed management plan.
A five-year GRDC project produced results on emergence patterns, seed bank persistence, seed shedding and competitive ability of great brome and barley grass, in Western Australia and South Australia (‘Seed bank ecology of emerging weeds’ UA00156).
The project found that three to four years seed set control was needed to remove a great brome or barley grass soil seed bank.
Great brome had high seed production in Western Australia and South Australia. Barley grass had much higher seed production in South Australia than Western Australia. Great brome grass and barley grass reduced crop yield, and in 2019, great brome at low to high densities reduced economic returns from a Mace wheat crop at Wongan Hills by $90-205/ha. Barley grass reduced economic returns of wheat by $67-138/ha.
Data on weed ecology and competitive ability was used to update a decision support tool; the Weed Seed Wizard (WSW).
The updated model was used to investigate harvest weed seed control (HWSC) as a potential management technique for great brome grass and barley grass.
The modelling indicated that harvest weed seed control is a valuable tool in the management of these species, even in the years where most weed seed is shed prior to harvest.
You can read Catherine’s paper here: Great brome and barley grass – modelling the long-term value of harvest weed seed control


WeedSmart in HRZ – practical options for dealing with ryegrass

Effective ryegrass control is becoming increasingly difficult in High Rainfall Zone farming
This webinar is designed to help growers and agronomists explore farming system-
based options to manage annual ryegrass populations in our cropping areas.
Grassroots Agronomy’s Greg Condon is a leading agronomist from Southern NSW, involved with the GRDC’s National WeedSmart project, which focuses on ‘the farmer calling the shots, not the weeds’. Greg will present options, (not just chemical) which HRZ growers could integrate into their farming systems to help manage difficult-to-control weeds.
This webinar is brought to you by Southern Farming Systems and the Grains Research Development Corporation and presented by WeedSmart.


The future of chemical use in farming with Mark Congreve

Join WeedSmart’s Paul McIntosh and Shannen Barrett as they host ICAN’s Mark Congreve who discusses the future of chemical use in farming including market drivers, herbicide discovery, automation, future for glyphosate & paraquat and much more!


Crop Competition Q&A

Dr Gurjeet Gill & Dr Michael Widderick answer questions that may have cropped up for participants of Crop Competition 101.
They also provide a broader overview of the crop competition work being delivered by their respective teams.
If you haven’t registered to do our free Diversity Era course, Crop Competition 101 yet, you can do so here.


What’s the cost of HWSC for you? With WeedSmart’s Peter Newman

It depends… on crop type, yield, area, number of harvesters and so on.
The costs of harvest weed seed control (HWSC) tools have been calculated using best estimates to calculate the effect on yield and crop area and are limited to cereal crops.
Pete Newman, WeedSmart Western Extension Agronomist has developed this interactive model and will step you through the benefits of different strategies and how to use the HWSC cost estimate tool to measure the impact to your cropping program.


What’s next in broadacre weed control – is green on green a reality? With Greg Condon

In this webinar, WeedSmart Southern Extension Agronomist Greg Condon (pictured above) discusses weed control techniques especially using site-specific technology and how these are evolving.
Site-specific weed control covers a wide range of tactics from chaff lining to shielded spraying, optical spot spraying and the emerging tech around green on green.
WeedSmart Southern Extension Agronomist Greg Condon will discuss weed control techniques especially using site-specific technology and how these are evolving.
Site-specific weed control covers a wide range of tactics from chaff lining to shielded spraying, optical spot spraying and the emerging tech around green on green.
We also had Dave Tuppen, Product Specialist with Goldacres join us to give us an overview of the green on green product development at Goldacres.
As mentioned in the webinar, there are quite a few great resources you might like to check out for further information. Please find them below:
Guillaume Jourdain GRDC Update Paper
Green on green camera spraying – a game changer on our doorstep?
Technological changes enabling rapid advancement for spot-spraying weeds
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