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Attack the weed seed bank

Harvest will be here before we know it. Now is the time to get a plan in place to capture and destroy weed seeds.

You have two options:

1. Go it alone

2. Learn from the experts

We’d pick the second option. If you did too, we have two webinar recordings for you!

We cover the best ways to collect and destroy weed seeds present at harvest, how to make harvest weed seed control work in your system (without pulling your hair out), plus share handy tips you only learn by experience.

Part 1: Narrow windrow burn like a pro

Weeds don’t play fair. Peter Newman (AHRI) and Rod Messina (Mullewa grain grower) discuss how to level up your narrow windrow burning and attack the weed seed bank. They cover how to get started, the pitfalls to look out for, economics of the system, plus modification design options for your harvester.

Part 2: Chaff carts as part of the arsenal

How’d you like to reduce your ryegrass and other weed numbers by up to 95%? You would be crazy to say no! Lance Turner (Corrigin grain grower) knows the chaff cart is not a silver bullet, but reckons it’s a pretty big linchpin for his weed management system. Pete and Lance discuss how low weed numbers give you more options, the logistics and economics of collecting chaff and burning the heaps, plus handy tips you pick up with 10 years of experience (Lance has done the hard work for you!).


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What’s next in the North for weed control?

Angus’ presentation focuses on the current practices for weed control in Queensland, highlighting the need for an integrated approach to weed control in order to preserve existing herbicides.
Topics covered include:

Knockdown strategies
Residual chemistry – In-crop and fallow
In-crop herbicides
Problem weeds moving forward

Peter discussed some of the tactics currently used for weed management in the Liverpool Plains of Northern NSW, and what the future might hold.
Topics covered include:

Current levels of resistance/tolerance in summer and winter weeds
Fallow management
Crop competition
Farm hygiene
Rotation planning/fixed rotations
Chaff chutes
Harvest weed seed control
Green-on-green technology and GPS systems


Ryegrass management in the High Rainfall Zone – What have we learnt?

This webinar was hosted by Jana Dixon, WeedSmart’s High Rainfall Zone extension agronomist.


Considerations for pre-emergent herbicides with dry sowing

In this webinar, we focus on what factors influence the residual control of weeds by pre-emergent herbicides with a focus on Trifluralin, Sakura and new-to-market herbicides.
Join Chris Davey, YPAG and WeedSmart Extension Agronomist and Mark Congreve, ICAN Senior Agronomist as they assess the sowing issues in South Australia and discuss strategies on using pre-emergents.
Factors covered include

Soil type/texture
Rainfall forecast (after application)
Characteristics of the herbicide
Characteristics of the crop
Sowing time (tine vs disc) – sowing depth, speed, soil throw, stubble
Resistance status

GRDC Spray Application Manual
This Spray Application GrowNotes™ manual provides information on how various spraying systems and components work, along with those factors that the operator should consider to ensure the sprayer is operating to its full potential.
This manual focuses on issues that will assist in maintaining the accuracy of the sprayer output while improving the efficiency and safety of spraying operations. It contains many useful tips for your spray operations.


Farmer questions answered on Group G herbicides and optimum application temperature

In this follow-up to last year’s webinar on Group Gs, Dr Chris Preston, University of Adelaide, Professor of Weed Management and WeedSmart’s Greg Condon focus on farmer questions around Group G herbicide use.
They explain the new Group G chemistry in simple terms and address questions around what temperature range provides optimum herbicide efficacy.


How do I make the right decision on using Group Gs?

Choosing and applying the right pre-emergent herbicide can be difficult, particularly if herbicide resistance is becoming a challenge in a no-till system. Join Dr Chris Preston, University of Adelaide (UA) professor weed management and WeedSmart’s Chris Davey as they explain the new Group G chemistry and de-mystifies which Group G works best for winter cropping systems.


Testing all of your herbicides for resistance with Roberto Busi

Dr Roberto Busi
Roberto discusses what the current levels of resistance to knock-down herbicides (glyphosate and paraquat) are, resistance to new and old pre-emergent herbicides and resistance to clethodim.
The results are discussed with Peter Newman by analysing the pros and cons of herbicide resistance testing and the value of herbicide efficacy and resistance testing with new herbicides coming into the Australian market from 2021.

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