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Combat Velocity® resistant wild radish with the WeedSmart Big 6

AHRI researcher Dr Roberto Busi discovered Velocity® resistant wild radish populations in two paddocks in the northern Wheatbelt of Western Australia.


The resistance evolved in these two paddocks after 8-12 shots of Velocity over a 12-year period. Velocity was often mixed with MCPA in these paddocks, but this was the only herbicide used for wild radish control in cereals.

In this webinar, we discuss how this resistance occurred and what growers can do to mitigate the risk of resistance developing in their paddocks.

The webinar is resented by Dr Roberto Busi and PhD candidate Rex Cao, and hosted by WeedSmart western extension agronomist, Peter Newman.

Topics covered include:

  • Paddock history.
  • How Roberto first found the resistance.
  • Are there other populations?
  • Details of Roberto’s early testing – rate, size, survival rate etc.
  • Details of Roberto’s ongoing research. Cross resistance to other HPPD’s. Likely mechanism.
  • Management – how to avoid it and how to manage radish after Velocity resistance happens.

More resources

Peter Newman wrote an AHRI Insight on the topic. Read the article here, or watch the accompanying video below.

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