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Considerations for pre-emergent herbicides with dry sowing

Given the dry start to the season in some regions, the question of how to optimise weed control and minimise crop effect when using pre-ems is pertinent.


In this webinar, we focus on what factors influence the residual control of weeds by pre-emergent herbicides with a focus on Trifluralin, Sakura and new-to-market herbicides.

Chris Davey, YPAG and WeedSmart Extension Agronomist and Mark Congreve, ICAN Senior Agronomist, assessed the sowing issues in South Australia and discussed strategies on using pre-emergents.

Factors covered include:

  • Soil type/texture
  • Rainfall forecast (after application)
  • Characteristics of the herbicide
  • Characteristics of the crop
  • Sowing time (tine vs disc) – sowing depth, speed, soil throw, stubble
  • Resistance status

GRDC Spray Application Manual

This Spray Application GrowNotes™ manual provides information on how various spraying systems and components work, along with those factors that the operator should consider to ensure the sprayer is operating to its full potential.

This manual focuses on issues that will assist in maintaining the accuracy of the sprayer output while improving the efficiency and safety of spraying operations. It contains many useful tips for your spray operations.

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