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What considerations should be made for glyphosate tolerant canola?

With GM canola becoming available in South Australia this season due to restrictions being lifted, WeedSmart’s High Rainfall Zone Extensions Agronomist, Jana Dixon, caught up with Clovercrest Consulting agronomist, Simon Mock to discuss what growers and agronomists need to be across on this topic. Simon looks after Western Victoria & the upper Southeast of South Australia.


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  • Simon’s client experience with RR Canola and decision-making process 00:27
  • What’s the decision-making process when it comes to growing a glyphosate tolerant variety over conventional/TT canola? 01:36
  • Herbicide strategy & resistance testing: 02:44
  • Timing of glyphosate sprays 05:02
  • Varietal performance 07:06
  • Broadleaf weeds 09:33
  • Dealing with survivors, WeedSmart Big 6 11:12
  • Desiccation & windrowing 13:48
  • GM canola marketing 14:46
  • On-farm storage 15:14

In this new segment, WeedSmart Shorts, our expert agronomists around the country interview experts on topics in a ‘Question and Answer’ video format.

Simon was kind enough to be our first guest and Jana covers lots of important points with him throughout the interview. Above, you can find what questions are covered if you’d like to jump to one of the specific topics highlighted.

Simon says there has been uptake by his clients of glyphosate tolerant canola in South Australia, but there has been a varied response.

“We are finding that some are wanting to try a paddock, some are wanting to sit back and see how it goes. So, it is probably very similar to what happened in Victoria when it rolled out there as an option,” he says.

South Australian farmers in the past have been able to control the weeds with the existing canola options they have, says Simon, but what they are finding now is there is an increase in clethodim resistance, particularly at higher rates and so that is what is likely to be driving the decision-making process around what other canola options are available, such as RR canola.

While it is exciting to have another option for SA growers, Simon says it is critical that growers know their ryegrass resistance status before committing to planting glyphosate tolerant canola.

“Testing is the backbone behind the decision making around canola options and so once we’re aware of what herbicides still work effectively, that’s where we’re able to make a good, informed decision.”

Simon said it was important to know what works on ryegrass across the whole spectrum of herbicide groups.

“An example is, I did some testing for a new client recently and one of his populations came back as 80% resistant to glyphosate. Now, had we not done that test and put glyphosate resistant canola into that paddock, we would’ve been facing a disaster, but because we had that information on hand, we knew what our options were and what they weren’t,” Simon says.



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