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Header Run – Strategic tillage overview for weed control

Join WeedSmart Extension Agronomists, Chris Davey, Paul McIntosh, Peter Newman and Greg Condon as they run through an overview of Strategic tillage for weed control.


Strategic tillage has more to do with weed control than you think.

Join Pete Newman, Greg Condon, Paul McIntosh and Chris Davey for a discussion on strategic tillage and its role in weed management and crop health.

Sharing their perspectives and experiences from different regions of Australia, they highlight the diverse soil constraints faced by farmers, from acidity issues in Central New South Wales to non-wetting soils in Western Australia and emphasize the importance of understanding regional soil conditions and tailoring tillage practices accordingly to maximize crop productivity and combat weed pressures.

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Is one-time tillage a weed control option in a no-till farming system?

with Yash Dang, Senior Research Fellow, University of Queensland. Yash undertook a 4-year project, starting in 2012, to investigate the effect of tillage on a range of soil properties in no-till paddocks throughout the northern cropping region – from Emerald, Qld to Dubbo, NSW.

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Header Run – Strategic tillage overview for weed control

WeedSmart Extension Agronomists share their regional perspectives and expertise on strategic tillage. Read More...

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