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Non-herbicide tactics that fit in the Northern region

Non-herbicide tactics which fit in the Northern region are important to consider!

Queensland DAF weeds researchers Michael Widderick and Annie van der Meulen discuss the importance of non-herbicide tactics.

In this webinar, they shine a light on herbicide resistance with new research from the Northern region (Qld and NSW).

They also examine the tools that can be used, other than herbicides, to combat weeds in the north.


Bulletin Board

Michael Widderick also has been interviewed on this topic for our Bulletin Board.

Diversity in cropping systems and diversity in weeds in the northern GRDC grains region of NSW and Queensland calls for diversity in weed management!

Those solutions include non-herbicide tactics.

Survey work in the region has identified more than 70 different weed species that impact on grain production.

More than 10% of these weed species has confirmed populations within Australia that are resistant to glyphosate and several other chemical modes of action (MOA).

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