View time: 42:20 minutes

Precision weed control – where are we at?

Kondinin Group’s Mark Saunders and Ben White give a technical update on all things precision weed control.

They discuss the latest advances in spraying technology, green-on-green and green-on-brown camera developments, AI and robotics, drone and weed mapping, and targeted non-herbicide tools.

The webinar is hosted by WeedSmart high rainfall zone extension agronomist, Jana Dixon.

Topics covered include:

  • Weed-IT & WeedSeeker (sensor-based system)
  • Bilberry (camera spraying)
  • John Deere See & Spray Ultimate (camera spraying)
  • Hardi GeoSelect (drone mapping)
  • Single Shot (drone mapping)
  • 3S Spot Spray Sensor (camera spraying)
  • Bosch / BASF / Amazone – Xarvio (weed identification and spraying)
  • CarbonBee iSpray, Kuhn (camera spraying)
  • Green-eye technology (camera spraying)
  • Optronia, Tecomec, Amazone & Garford
  • Weed Chipper, Lemken, Horsch (mechanical)
  • Optical mechanical / laser options
  • Targeted tillage (mechanical)
  • Open Weed Locator (camera spraying)

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