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Resistance in corn, soybean & cotton crops in the US

Webinar Series: US and Australia share expertise to fight resistance

Webinar 2: Resistance in corn, soybean & cotton

Part 2 of our Webinar Series: America and Australia share expertise to fight resistance, looks at resistance in corn, soybean and cotton.

It features special guest US Professor Jason Norsworthy.

Peter Newman asks Jason if the US is thinking about alternatives to glyphosate.

Given their high dependence on RR crops, what are the repercussions of this strategy?

Jason is evangelical in his quest to keep glyphosate working for corn, soybean and corn, soybean and cotton crops.

What are the challenges and the strategies being used to address creeping resistance?

You can watch the webinar below to find out!


Webinar 1: Understanding P450s to better manage resistance

In Part 1 of this webinar series, we look at how to understand how plants evolve resistance to a herbicide that has not yet been used.

Colorado State University researcher, Todd Gaines and AHRI’s Roberto Busi are the presenters on this webinar.

Host Peter Newman also asks the presenters what the genetic basis of metabolic resistance is and can we control metabolic resistant weeds?

Todd explains the science with Roberto Busi outlining new results on interactions between an insecticide and current pre-emergent herbicides to control ryegrass.



You can hear more from Roberto Busi in the AHRI Snapshots podcast. He recently spoke about

He recently spoke about his research and its implications on using pre-emergent herbicides. Timely advice for growers and agronomists out there!

You can listen to the podcast here.

You can read more on it in the AHRI blog too. Click here to read.

Roberto Busi, pre-emergent herbicide

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