Soil health produces more crop, less weeds

When constraints like soil acidity are addressed, crops are more competitive against weeds. Read more here.

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S09E08: Deep placement of phosphorus and potassium (P&K)

Deep placement of phosphorus and potassium can improve crop nutrition and therefore improve crop competition, helping you control weeds. We talked with Mike Bell, who has been focused on deep placement of P&K, and Kurt Mayne, who has been implementing it into his operation in QLD. Read More...

S08E18: What’s better out of hybrid and open-pollinated canola?

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S08E16: Enemy number one was ryegrass at Dubbo WeedSmart Week

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S08E15: Regional Update – Jason Coleman, Grower, Temora, NSW

Temora grower, Jason Coleman, joins us on the podcast today to give a recap on his experience at WeedSmart Week Dubbo. Read More...

Beating barley grass despite resistance and dormancy challenges

Learn how to control barley grass despite increasing dormancy and resistance challenges. Read More...
Fact Sheet

Control barley grass in LRZ farming systems

Barley grass in Southern and Western regions requires 3 to 4 years of seed set control to run down the weed seed bank. Read More...

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