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WeedSmart Week Forum Day Videos

List of videos

  1. Interviews with the Esperance Pioneers. Chair: Lisa Mayer, interviewing Neil Wandel & Theo Oorschot
  2. Rotating buys you Time, mixing buys you shots
    Efficacious use of the new pre-ems, Brent Pritchard
  3. Delivering regionally focused research
    Crop competition in wheat and canola, Hugh Beckie
  4. Summer weed control
    Strategies for control of ryegrass, marshmallow, fleabane, portulaca, Greg Warren
  5. Farmer Experience
    Rotations to stop seed set and preserve chemistry, Tom Longmire
  6. Soil Amelioration, Tom Edwards
  7. Crop competition: Reduced row spacing, higher seeding rates, east-west sowing, precision seed placement & competitive varieties, Theo Oorschot
  8. Farmer Experience – Utilising crop competition strategies and the Big 6, Mic Fels
  9. Weed control – farmer systems discussion panel – Chair: Peter Newman, with Mark Wandel and Laura Bennett
  10. What’s next in spray technology? Andrew Messina
  11. What’s next in spray technology 2? Guillaume Jourdain
  12. Innovation Panel – Chair: Ben White, with Guillaume Jourdain, Andrew Messina
  13. Stacking the Big 6 in farming systems in WA presented by Greg Condon, with Peter Newman

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S09E09: Regional Update – Vicky French, Grower, Derrinallum, Vic

Vicky French is a former Elders agronomist, now grower, based in the Victorian high rainfall zone. Read More...

S09E08: Deep placement of phosphorus and potassium (P&K)

Deep placement of phosphorus and potassium can improve crop nutrition and therefore improve crop competition, helping you control weeds. We talked with Mike Bell, who has been focused on deep placement of P&K, and Kurt Mayne, who has been implementing it into his operation in QLD. Read More...
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Hazardous inversions and spray drift

Current regulations prohibit spraying of agricultural chemicals when hazardous temperature inversions exist. Read More...

S09E06: Pre-emergent options and a resistance update

Bevan Addison from Adama talks pre-em options including Tenet and Ultro, and Mechelle Owen gives the latest on herbicide resistance surveys. Read More...

S09E04: Management strategies for glyphosate resistant weeds

Dr Chris Preston and agronomist David Strahorn talk about the current state and strategies of glyphosate resistance. Read More...

S09E03: Regional Update – James Kearines, Agronomist & Grower, Lake Cargelligo, NSW

James Kearines talks rainfall, frost, and how he's tackling weed control in the central NSW. Read More...

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