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What’s next in the North for weed control?

Peter McKenzie, agronomist with Agricultural Consulting & Extension Services, and Angus Dalgliesh, grower and agronomist with Nutrien Ag Solutions, join WeedSmart Northern Extension agronomist Paul McIntosh to discuss some of the weed challenges their clients have been experiencing in the North, and some of the weed control tactics they’ve been using to deal with these challenges.

Angus’ presentation focuses on the current practices for weed control in Queensland, highlighting the need for an integrated approach to weed control in order to preserve existing herbicides.

Topics covered include:

  • Knockdown strategies
  • Residual chemistry – In-crop and fallow
  • In-crop herbicides
  • Problem weeds moving forward

Peter discussed some of the tactics currently used for weed management in the Liverpool Plains of Northern NSW, and what the future might hold.

Topics covered include:

  • Current levels of resistance/tolerance in summer and winter weeds
  • Fallow management
  • Chipping
  • Crop competition
  • Farm hygiene
  • Rotation planning/fixed rotations
  • Chaff chutes
  • Harvest weed seed control
  • Green-on-green technology and GPS systems

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