New green-on-green autonomous spraying technology overview

We’ve been following the innovative developments in the green-on-green space at WeedSmart quite closely, so we were excited to see Bilberry, SwarmFarm and Goldacres had teamed up to deliver some new autonomous spraying technology.
So, in light of this, we caught up with Goldacres technical guru, David Tuppen who recently commissioned a fully autonomous sprayer with green-on-green weed detection (pictured above) using a SwarmBot robot and Goldacres Prairie Special trailing sprayer.
We also hear from grower Broden Holland, who is based in Thuddungra, near Young in NSW. Broden is a keen precision ag farmer who has just updated to a G6 Crop Cruiser SP. We’re going to find out about his decision-making process behind this upgrade and his approach to spraying and spray drift prevention.
NSW Farmer, Broden Holland.
Ask an Expert with FMC’s Stephen Pettenon on “How can I ensure my complex tank mix is compatible and will spray out”. Read it here.
Regional Update – Brent Pritchard, Agronomist, Albany, WA. Listen here.
In the podcast we chatted about how using water sensitive paper is a great way to assess your coverage. This is well worth doing!

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Regional Update – Brent Pritchard, Agronomist, Albany, WA

Brent recently featured in our WeedSmart article on managing fence line weeds off the back of research into glyphosate resistant capeweed which Brent had found at a farm near Borden in Western Australian. So, in light of this, we get a regional update from Brent and also discuss some of the strategies for fence line weed management.
WeedSmart fence line management article
AHRI insight on glyphosate resistant capeweed


Innovative northern grower shares wins and Roundup Ready Xtend stewardship

Bruce is primarily a winter crop grower but also has a block of sorghum on 50cm rows (pictured above) sown into a cover crop of barley & lentils.
Farmer Bruce Watson and daughter
We also learn about Bayer’s Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System. This is Bayer’s new cotton weed control system. Bayer Marketing Lead for seeds, traits & round-up Donny Benn & Bayer Market Advancement Manager Matt Hayes joins us to tell us more about the stewardship around this approach.
Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System Field Day (Feb 10, 2021) at Locharba, Bayer’s research farm.
Locharba Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System trial (Bayer supplied).
Xtend workshops
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New WeedSmart Content
Mix up your approach to fence line weeds – read more here.
Producer: Jessica Strauss
Presenters: Jessica Strauss & Peter Newman


Farmer questions answered on Group G herbicides and optimum application temperature

In this follow-up to last year’s webinar on Group Gs, Dr Chris Preston, University of Adelaide, Professor of Weed Management and WeedSmart’s Greg Condon focus on farmer questions around Group G herbicide use.
They explain the new Group G chemistry in simple terms and address questions around what temperature range provides optimum herbicide efficacy.


Regional Update – Craig Drum, Tatyoon, Victoria

Welcome to the Regional Update. If this is your first time listening to the podcast, each fortnight we check in with an expert from a different cropping region across the country to get a regional update from them.

Today we headed to the Southern Region and heard from Tatyoon, Victoria grower and agronomist Craig Drum (pictured above in a photo by Clarisa Collis).

Craig is in the high rainfall zone and provides some tips on dealing with the pressures or ryegrass in the region and covers the findings of widespread glyphosate resistance in the region.


Innovative southern growers share their wins in controlling weeds

Our first guest is farmer Damien Schneider (pictured above). Damien farms at Culcairn in southern NSW with his wife Carissa and their four children. Ryegrass pressure is solid in this region given the reliable rainfall and huge seedbanks, but Damien is achieving solid gains with Big 6.
We’re also joined by farmer Paul Jarrett from Maitland, South Australia. Paul has a controlled traffic farming system and uses chaff decks. He shares his journey so far with this system.
Maitland farmer, Paul Jarrett.
On our next podcast we’ll be hearing from innovative growers from both the Northern and Western regions who will share will us their stories and some of the thought processes behind the decisions they’ve made for their farming systems.
New article
Our content producer Cindy Benjamin has updated the Messina family farm Case Study. As you would’ve heard from Andrew Messina on the podcast last year, the Messina’s are forging forward with new technology, including green on green from Bilberry. Check it out here.
Just a reminder that quite a few of our articles now are being read as well. You’ll see a play button on those articles at the top. This is great for if you’re driving, especially with spraying and seeding happening. Here’s a great example of that on a soil degradation article.
Podcast Co-Hosts: Jessica Strauss & Peter Newman
Podcast Producer: Jessica Strauss


Regional Update – Paul MacIntosh, Northern Region

Paul provides a great overview of what’s happening in the region and what to look out for over the next few weeks when it comes to controlling weeds.


Narrower sorghum rows can halve weed seed production

Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries principal research scientist Dr Michael Widderick joins us to explain research which found that narrower row spacing in sorghum leads fewer weeds – in some cases halving weed seed production!
Dr Michael Widderick
We also are going to get a WA grower perspective in follow-up to our podcast last fortnight which looks at soil amelioration. Brady Green (pictured) from Yuna area of WA joins us to talk about what made him think seriously about implementing soil amelioration and the benefits he’s seen since doing so.
Brady Green, Farmer, Yuna, WA
We’ve got a timely webinar coming up on Group Gs on Friday, Feb 26. Uni of Adelaide’s Dr Chris Preston & our Southern Extension Agronomist Greg Condon will be hosting this webinar aimed at growers. If you’ve got any specific questions about this, let us know on Twitter, and make sure to join us on the day where you can ask them live.
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Our latest news piece looks at making seedbank management your priority this year.
Another recent article looks at taking resistance into account when planning tank mixes.
Soil amelioration article.
Sorghum article.
Podcast Producer: Jessica Strauss
Podcast Hosts: Jessica Strauss & Peter Newman


Regional Update – Nick McKenna, Geraldton, WA

This is our first Regional Update for the Western Region in 2021. Planfarm Agronomist, Nick McKenna joins us to give an overview of how harvest went for his region in and around the Geraldton area. He also provides some tips on how to control weeds given the likelihood of some rain falling due to a tropical low tracking down the WA coast.

Fact Sheet

Changes to herbicide Mode of Action (MoA) names

The global MoA classification system is based on numerical codes which provides infinite capacity to accommodate new herbicide MoA coming to market, unlike the alphabetical codes currently used in Australia.
Farming is becoming increasingly global. Farmers, agronomists and academics around the world are now, more than ever, sharing and accessing information to assist them to grow crops, while managing sustainability issues such as herbicide resistant weeds. It’s important then that the herbicide MoA classification system utilised in Australia be aligned with the global classification system. This will ensure more efficient farming systems into the future and allow Australian farmers and advisors to access the most up-to-date information relating to managing herbicide resistance.
CropLife Australia is working with key herbicide resistance management experts, advisors and the APVMA to ensure farmers and agronomists are aware of the planned changes.
The numerical classification system should be fully implemented by the end of 2024.
You can find further information by reading the factsheet and visiting the CropLife website here.


Upwards of 90% weed seed burial with some soil amelioration approaches

In this episode, we’re focusing on soil amelioration.
Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Research Scientist, Dr Stephen Davies joins us to explain what’s involved with soil amelioration and the benefits of this approach.
Dr Stephen Davies conducting soil sampling in Mingenew.
We also hear from Daridyn Haywards from Lameroo in the South Australian Mallee.
He was involved in a project called: “Spading header rows for grassy weed control, improved crop yields and better soil protection”, led by Chris Donohue and has been continuing to adopt the practice of using soil amelioration for both soil improvement and weed control benefits.
Three years after Daridyn’s first treatment of header spading.
Daridyn’s initial main focus was to build up the organic carbon levels in the soil for improved soil health, water holding capacity & hopefully overcoming the Rhizoctonia issue he faced. The weed seed burial was part of that process as we’ll hear.
SA Mallee farmer, Daridyn Haywards in a spaded row of hay crop.
Peter Newman has been an advocate for soil amelioration for a number of years and has contributed to this article on the subject here. We also have a great Case Study on Andrew Kenny who uses this approach too. You can read it here.
New content
Over the Christmas period our content producer Cindy Benjamin was very busy. There’s a range of new articles and videos available to check out.
You can learn all about how to weaponise sorghum crops to take out Feather Top Rhodes and Awnless Barnyard Grass here.
And we’ve also got a new article on running down the summer grass seedbank in mungbeans. Check it out here.


Regional Update – Chris Toohey, Albury, NSW

Welcome back to the Regional Update! This is our first podcast for the year.

We’re kicking things off in the Southern Region, with Elders Agronomist Chris Toohey joining us to give an update on his region. Chris is based in Albury, New South Wales.

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